Residential Access Control

Residential Access Control

Do you have a building where you would like to install access control but have not done so because you have  no communication infrastructure you can use? 

As long as you have a mains power source in the building and the area has mobile phone coverage we can help. 

We have the ability to control up to 8 doors on a single site over a 3G/GPRS connection. 

Our multi-door controller has an on-board web server so no PC software is needed.  You simply browse to the controller via a web browser of your choice, e.g. Microsoft Explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Then use the menu-driven system to program which doors the card holder has access to with time schedules as required,  remotely open doors or obtain activity reports and more. 

The controller is compatible with a wide range of proximity readers with read ranges from 4cm to 10m, manufactured from ABS plastic to stainless steel to suit all environments and applications. 

For more information on our SEMAC Residential Access Control Solutions, please call our Sales Dept on  0844 7365745.





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SEMAC S2 Multi Door Controller

SEMAC S2 Multi-door controller




H20 3G Router

General Information: Industrial grade router with 32bit MIPS network communication processor. Metal enclosure for good EMC shielding and high heat dissipation charateristics.


Micro Mullion Multi Format Mifare® Smartcard Contactless Reader

The AY-K25 is fully potted, sealed and made of a rigid, UV resistant poly-carbonate, which makes it highly suitable for outdoor use. With a maximum range of 5 cm, it makes a very simple, reliable and cost effective way to upgrade your system to Smartcard standard.




Anti-Vandal Mifare® Contactless Smartcard Reader

The new AY-Q6250 is an Anti-Vandal Mifare® Smartcard Contactless reader, which provides the capability of serial ID reading of Mifare® cards to any standard access control system. With 7 programmable output formats, it will fit almost any existing system needs and required read information, making it a very simple, reliable and cost effective way to upgrade your system to Smartcard standard. This fully sealed, epoxy potted unit provides weatherproof and vandal-resistant solution for extremely harsh environments.




Anti- Vandal Mifare® Smartcard Contactless Reader with Keypad

This Anti-Vandal Mifare® 13.65MHz Smartcard and PIN code reader has an elegant design with blue backlit keys. AY-Q6350 is an advanced model with multi-format outputs for high compatibility with standard host access controllers. It has a local menu to program facility code as well as Card & PIN credential modes.





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