eco20 – Low Power RFID

eco20 low power RFID products are significantly more efficient because they consume 60% less energy when compared not only to earlier Idesco versions but most competitor’s comparable products on the market. Our low power consumption in turn cascades beneficially across the required power supplies and utility equipment connected to your entire end-user system. Low power consumption means less power supplies, peripheral equipment, communication converters, etc.

Green Design improves the ecological footprint of our products

Idesco knows its responsibility for its product waste. It’s what drives our sustainable product design because in Finland we are accountable for recovery and recycling of our products. Therefore, it’s not only safer but also much more cost-effective to design and manufacture low power RFID products that are nonhazardous, durable, reusable and upgradeable with configuration cards or software updates than it is to manufacture solely against disposable convenience and a rapid product turnover. Idesco constantly strives for a ‘deeper shade of green’ in environmental performance by stipulating the use of sustainable plastic in its designs and defining life cycle criteria for sustainable plastics.

Idesco’s Product Lifecycle Policy

“Our goal is to reduce the environmental impact of our products throughout their long life cycle. We design our products to last a minimum of a ten years – in demanding surroundings. We continue limiting the materials used in our products. These materials are selected in to meet our company’s high standards of low environmental impact. We also expect our subcontractors to meet our environmental principles. We expect our subcontractors to use resources (e.g. raw materials) effectively and we also expect that their production meets the laws and regulations and that their operation is environment friendly”