500 User PIN Controller With Free BL-D40 Door Sounder

500 User PIN Controller With Free BL-D40 Door Sounder

ABS plastic enclosure

Internal keypad for programming, PIN only and PIN+PIN operation

Three modes of operation

• Normal

• Bypass

• Secure (PIN + PIN access)

Two bi-coloured status LEDs

Built inl tamper detection

Input for Request To Exit (REX)

Bell chime, Siren and Strobe feature available with BL-D40

Programmable Siren time

Programmable lock release time

Comes with mounting template for easy installation

CE, UL and FCC approved


Plus Free BL-D40 Sounder that is capable of emitting four different types of signal.

  1. The bell sounds when the bell key on the keypad or an externally wired bell push button is pressed.
  2. The door chime can be programmed to sound whenever the controller unlocks the door. The door chime does not sound when the REX button is pressed.
  3. The siren can be programmed to sound when the case of the controller is opened or removed from the wall (depending on controller type). You can also program the duration of the siren.
  4. LED strobe this will illumiate when there is a bell or door chime. It will also flash during the tamper condition.


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