Idesco EPC Long Range Reader

Idesco EPC Long Range Reader

Idesco’s innovative, cutting edge EPC reader enables you to create secure, cost-effective and user-friendly identification applications for vehicle identification (AVI), logistics systems, access control and even limited inventory control.

In its basic configuration, this passive long-distance UHF RFID reader (compliant with European UHF standards) employs an internal, circularly-polarized antenna enabling it to interrogate tags presented at any rotation. However The Idesco EPC may also be configured with either an external antenna or both the internal and external antenna. When configured with two antennas, both may transmit and receive data/information simultaneously - or one antenna may be programmed to transmit while the other receives.

True to Idesco tradition, the EPC reader is configurable to a variety of communication interfaces (e.g. Wiegand, RS232-485, Ethernet, 6LoWPAN, etc.) and with an enviable array of security options for easier integration into your existing system. The EPC Reader provides four I/O ports for addressing peripherals and is engineered to allow reliable deployment both indoors and outdoors. Additionally, Idesco® EPC tags can be customized with both EPC and MIFARE® enabling a single card to provide both vehicle and personal identification.

Easy to install, the EPC Reader initiates polling automatically (by default) upon being powered up; it does not require polling commands to be entered first. However, it is also configurable to await an activating command from an external system. Some ideal deployments for the Idesco® EPC Reader include - but are not limited to - automatic vehicle identification (e.g. parking access control, toll tracking, entry gates, harbour moorings), logistics centers (pallet and case tracking), long distance access control (sequestered reader) and certain inventory control applications.

Product codes:

Idesco EPC: NAAB41D0G (for standard EPC)

Idesco EPC E: NAJE41D0G (for ethernet interface)

Idesco EPC 5: NAGB41D96 (for RS-485 interface)

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